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"The cards speak directly to our intuition, to the unconscious potencies of our soul."
- Stephan A. Hoeller 


Group Tarot-py is an in-person six week session of group style therapy centered around the use and language of Tarot cards.  Humans process in a variety of ways, one of which is through archetypal image.  Combining Tarot with therapy allows us to uncover feelings, experiences, and connections we don't yet have language for.

Each session we will begin by breaking into pairs to read each other's cards after which we will come together to process our individual readings--and the personal meanings behind them--as a group. To foster group connection, I ask that all participants agree to attend all six sessions to the best of their ability.

Please bring your own tarot deck if possible.  I will have a few to share for those who need them.


All levels of Tarot enthusiasts welcome!

$60 per session 

*pay what you can pricing available on an as needed basis*


© 2020 by Hedgewild Counseling.

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